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February 29, 2012


First of all, here is an image of my piece for the Laloozapalooza show opening this Friday at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. And it's already sold!

Ink, gouache, graphite, gold on arches
8" x 6" in a 13" x 11" framed

There are still two paintings, two drawings, and two sculptures available through the WWA Gallery from my latest series "Erode". Here they are:

If you are interested in a piece please contact the gallery director: (

To see the whole series including sold work click HERE.

February 25, 2012

Femme Fetale

I have two pieces for sale at the Cella Gallery's "Femme Fetale" show which opens tonight in North Hollywood from 7pm-11pm.

“Martyr Sketch”
10”x13” (framed), 3”x6” (image)

This second one is a collaboration with Kris Moore. My piece is on the left, hers on the right.

“Wicked Garden”
Gouache, graphite
6”x12” (individual panel size), 18”x20”(Framed)

For purchase inquiries, please email

February 24, 2012

Featured on Hifructose Blog

Read all about it! Hifructose reviewed the "Critters and People" show at the WWA Gallery. Click the link below to see photos of my work and the outstanding work of Jessica LL Dalva, Danielle Buerli, Sinae Park, Tom Haubrick, and Bryce Takara!


A big thank you to Daniel Rolnik, correspondent for Hifructose!

And now, a couple photos from the show's opening, taken by various lovely people (Ursula Buerli and Cindy Schwarzstein. I will go back to the gallery soon and take some photos of my own before it comes down...

February 20, 2012

"Erode" Series

Erode: to eat away at from within. This series explores self destructive tendencies, inner-demons, and self-imposed obstacles.

These pieces will be on display at the WWA Gallery February 18th – March 10th, 2012 as part of their "Critters and People and Things of That Sort" show. All work is for sale, please contact the gallery director if you see something that strikes your fancy! (

Drawings / Paintings:

29"x33" framed
ink, gouache, graphite

28"x40" framed
ink, gouache, graphite (+ singed mat-board)

20” x 20” framed
ink, gouache and graphite on paper

22"x20" framed
graphite, gouache

22"x20" framed
graphite, gouache

22"x20" framed
graphite, gouache, acrylic

16"x18" framed
ink, gouache, graphite

16"x18" framed
ink, gouache, graphite

16"x18" framed
ink, gouache, graphite

19"x29" framed
graphite, gouache


JAW Cooper
sculpey, acrylic (wood and glass dome)

sculpey, acrylic, frosted acetate wings (wood and glass dome)

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the opening and who supported my work and the beautiful work of my fellow artists! A big congratulations to Jessica L. L. Dalva, Danielle Buerli, Tom Haubrick, Sinae Park, and Bryce Takara who made incredible work for the same show. Their pieces can also be viewed HERE.

Love love love,

February 16, 2012

"Erode" Series Online Preview!

"Erode" will be one of six mini-solo shows which open THIS SATURDAY (Feb 18th, 2012) at the WWA Gallery as part of their "Critters and People and Thing of That Sort" show! The online preview is up and running and you can see my pieces along with the work of the five other incredibly talented artists in the show: CLICK HERE FOR PREVIEW

The theme of my series is "Erode" and it is about things that eat away at you from within, obstacles that you create for yourself, and self-destructive tendencies.

Contact the gallery director if you would like to purchase a piece. I will be at the opening all night so feel free to say hello if you attend!

I am so excited and honored to show alongside such talented (and lovely) people!

February 11, 2012

DONE with "Erode"!

DONE! Finally done! I dropped everything off at WWA Gallery yesterday and I'm really excited to show you all a few final tidbits.

I made this sculpture and felt pretty good about it- I really like how translucent the very thin petals on the flowers looked after I baked it- and very disappointed with how the spray-primer made the sculpture so much heavier and less-detailed. I painted it anyway to see if I could revive it and am actually quite pleased with the final result. In the future though... I'm gonna figure out a way to keep the flowers translucent.

Here it is fresh from the oven: (pre-paint)

And some details of it painted:

And some final shots of three of the drawings with touches of gouache for highlights:

I used gold acrylic to paint on the thread connecting the girls:

Aaand, there are two more pieces (Pomp and Brooding) that I didn't take any teasers photos of... but come to the show or sign up for the online preview and you can see them there!

ALSO! There will be a free-print give-away through WWA, to qualify just share the link to the event on your facebook page! Go HERE for details!

February 8, 2012

Tutorial for Transferring a Drawing

As promised here is my quick tutorial on how I transfer a drawing to the final paper while trying to preserve the spontaneity and spirit of the original.

#1: Here is the original drawing: carmine-red colorase pencil on bond paper.

#2: Photocopy the original drawing at kinkos to make it black/white and scale to the desired size. Tape this photo copy to the back of your nice paper using guides drawn on the back to center it. Use a low-tack tape (such as drafting tape or artist's tape) so that you don't rip the paper when you eventually remove it.

#3: Have a scrap piece of the same high-quality paper you are transferring to off to the side to test what grade of pencil will work best for this particular drawing/substrate. Start the drawing off holding the pencil at an extreme oblique angle to make soft, thick, gentle lines. You don't want to have the pencil in a detail-death-grip as you don't want to commit to any strong lines yet.

#4: The drawing is transferred using a light-box with broad strokes made using the side of the pencil.

#5: Here is the drawing with the light-box turned off to see the strokes better.

#6: A detail shot to show how soft, flowing, and loose the lines should be.

#7: Go back with the point of the pencil to pick out details/ refine your soft lines. The girl on the left has been detailed out, the girl on the right is untouched.

#8: Close-up shot after both have been detailed-out. You do not want to go back over ALL of the lines you established in step 4, the beauty is to pull some out and let others fall back creating subtlety, variation, and levels of information.

#9: Go back like the detail-crazed noodling-freak that you pretend not to be and render the shit out of the hair (or whatever you want to focus on.) Add subtle shadows to the face with a french stub, use a kneaded eraser to pick out highlights, etc. Again, you still want to leave some areas soft and loose.

**To keep the paper from being smudged as you are working keep a paper towel under your hand and pick it up to move it (don't drag it against the paper.)

**Pick a good-quality paper, I prefer Stonehenge and Arches 88 (both are thick, luxurious, and quite smooth for details.) Be a little careful with the Arches though, it is super soft and it's very easy to destroy the integrity of the surface/tooth.

**When taping use artist's or drafting tape.

**To pick the appropriate hardness/softness of pencil, consider the size of the drawing, the tooth of the paper, and the intricacy of the details. Usually the smaller and more detailed/intricate/delicate the drawing and the smoother the paper the harder the pencil you will want to use and visa versa. I usually range from an H to a 2B for the lines and will occasionally stray softer or use powdered graphite for very dark areas when shading, or when I have to cover a lot of area.

Any other questions about this tutorial? Post them as a comment and I'll try to respond as completely as possible!

Mounting Tutorial

Painting Tutorial

More Progress on Erode

More. Nearly done with everything.

"Pomp"... I made an organically-shaped matte for this piece and singed the edges. I am pleased with the effect. Now to paint it.

Drawing finished. "Host"

Drawing nearly finished, just need to add the red string. "Whisper"

"Brood" transferred but yet to be painted.

I made a tutorial for transferring a drawing without losing the spirit of the original, which I will post tomorrow! Check back.

February 2, 2012

Exciting new paintings for "Erode"!

Fueled by 5hr energy and english muffins, I continue to make headway on my upcoming show at the WWA Gallery opening Feb 18th. Enjoy! Many many more pieces are in-the-works! Stay tuned.

"Guarded" painting teasers:

^It's a little hard to tell from the photos but there are subtle grey/white clouds in the background, behind the red-rage-animals...

"Splinter" "Strangle" and "Freeze" painting teasers:

"Jewel" sculpture teasers:

Here he is in his little glass house with a detail of the black sculpted flowers on the base of his stand:

Here the little man cavorts with his 2-dimensional buddy. It demonstrates the large size of the "Guarded" painting nicely!

All of these and many more paintings/drawings/and sculptures will be on display and FOR SALE at the upcoming WWA Gallery show : "People and Critters and Things of that Sort" which opens Feb 18th from 8pm-11pm. I will be having a mini-solo show titled "Erode" alongside five very very talented people. To be added to the preview list CLICK HERE.

Wish me luck!