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February 2, 2012

Exciting new paintings for "Erode"!

Fueled by 5hr energy and english muffins, I continue to make headway on my upcoming show at the WWA Gallery opening Feb 18th. Enjoy! Many many more pieces are in-the-works! Stay tuned.

"Guarded" painting teasers:

^It's a little hard to tell from the photos but there are subtle grey/white clouds in the background, behind the red-rage-animals...

"Splinter" "Strangle" and "Freeze" painting teasers:

"Jewel" sculpture teasers:

Here he is in his little glass house with a detail of the black sculpted flowers on the base of his stand:

Here the little man cavorts with his 2-dimensional buddy. It demonstrates the large size of the "Guarded" painting nicely!

All of these and many more paintings/drawings/and sculptures will be on display and FOR SALE at the upcoming WWA Gallery show : "People and Critters and Things of that Sort" which opens Feb 18th from 8pm-11pm. I will be having a mini-solo show titled "Erode" alongside five very very talented people. To be added to the preview list CLICK HERE.

Wish me luck!

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