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February 3, 2010

Migration sketch

Here is [part] of the rough sketch for my second piece for the upcoming "Shuffle" show at the Hibbleton Gallery.

The song is "Migration" by Post-foetus. If you do not know of them, LEARN. I love this song and just spent a day listening to it on repeat while sketching and I'm still not tired of it!

The idea behind the drawing is change//moving on//letting go//metamorphosis//rebirth//etc. The man is falling, his arm disintegrating into organic plant-like shapes and feathers as he is surrounded by Great Blue Herons clustered in tight formation, flying up and away. I think the painting will have dawn-coloration, with the herons in cool darkness and the man's body catching the first rays of the sun. Gotta make his eye smaller so he doesn't look so boyish...

I'm excited to paint this!