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May 25, 2010


Buddy the Budding-Off Beast is finally done!

He's 7.5 feet long by 6 feet wide by 3 inches thick (in the body.) I'll post full photos when the show opens.

May 17, 2010

Orbit, Hunt, and Puncture.

I've been busy busy busy finishing up the last three framed pieces for my upcoming "Tarnished" show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. I finished these drawings today and am a good way through the gouache painting of "Puncture."

Here are some teasers and such:

"Orbit" and "Hunt"



"Puncture" sketch

May 14, 2010

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

I have a painting in the Roq La Rue Gallery show "Tiger Tiger Burning Bright" which opens tonight! If you live in the Seattle area go check out it out from 6-9pm. If you live elsewhere, see the show's online preview HERE.

Here is my contribution:

Gouache on somerset mounted on wood
13"x16" (framed)
Retail price: 500$

Gallery/show info:
Roq La Rue
2312 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
(Between Bell and Blanchard in the Belltown neighborhood)

A group show based around the theme of tigers, inspired by the dynamic poem " The Tiger" by visionary artist and painter William Blake. Additionally, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar, and the animal is a very visible example of the environmental problem of habitat loss and rampant poaching, with the reported last wild Indochinese tiger being killed and eaten in December 2009. We've asked a group of artists to create works inspired by this majestic, tragic, and beautiful creature, whether on a symbolic, metaphysical, or archetypal level or as a touchstone for deep contemporary issues.

In addition to original works, Roq La Rue will also be offering prints by Audrey Kawasaki and Robert Burden available exclusively to walk ins the night of the opening. ALL proceeds from the sale of these prints will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Society earmarked for tiger conservation efforts. Prints will be cash only please (NO credit cards) and the info will be posted on the news section of our website. If you can not make the show you may request to be on a waiting list for any prints that may be available after the opening.

Artists: Audrey Kawasaki, Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie, Lisa Petrucci, Isabel Samaras, Robert Burden, Jason D'Aquino, Nouar, Jim Blanchard, Angelique Houtcamp, Bob Dob, Anthony Ausgang, Ann-Marie Manker, Yumiko Kayukawa, Jaw Cooper, and more...

If you are interested in purchasing "Copycat" please contact the gallery at (206) 374-8977.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Kirsten Anderson at Roq La Rue for inviting me to participate in this exciting show, it's such an honor!

May 10, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Here are some shots of my little painting for the upcoming "Twilight Zone" show at Gallery 1988 LA. This painting is based off episode # 42 titled "The Eye of the Beholder." (Also titled "The Private World Of Darkness" when initially rebroadcast in the summer of 1962.)

Acrylic ink and graphite on cradled Stonehenge

(The flowers are painted in metallic gold.)

Original sketch:

And "Specters" is finally done... thankfully the tape came off perfectly leaving a super clean edge.

May 5, 2010

Progress on "Specters"

Great news guys, I've fallen in love again... with oil paints. I covered my acrylic painting "Specters" with a couple layers of clear gesso and have started oil painting on top and it's turning out great. I've pretty much finished the deer and I'm half way through the croc; tomorrow I plan to finish all the animals and the girl and then Friday I'll lay in the background. Sorry these photos are super crappy, my apartment is very dark at night and I can't use flash because the oil is reflective. (I swear it looks much nicer in person.)

The richness of oils is working far better in getting all the albinos to still pop despite the overall high-value/low chroma.

May 3, 2010

2B or not 2B

Finally some tangible progress... I started and completed these 5 drawings (acrylic and graphite on paper) in two days. Off to the framers! Here are teasers:

"Ruin/Salvage" is my favorite, I really like working more roughly with the graphite. I mostly used a 2B, but some 4B for dark areas, and a B and H for lighter details.

I gotta say, nothing feels as good as getting stuff done. I hope you can tell from looking at these that drawing is my absolute favorite activity. I'm learning to love painting, but drawing is my passion.

I've also decided to finish the "Fade/ Specters" painting in oil... just waiting for the clear gesso to dry.