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May 30, 2012

Treasure Hunt: Big Sur

I went on a trip to Big Sur last weekend and made a bunch of little animal figurines with waterproof notes tied to their backs to hide throughout some of my favorite trails- Salmon Creek and Lime Kiln. If you plan on going to either of these places be on the lookout for these little buddies. They want to go home with you!
-There are four at Salmon Creek; two of which are inside the cave at the top of the waterfall.
-There are three hidden around the Lime Kiln trails; one is on a mossy stump in the middle of the river on the way to the kilns and one is in a mossy hidey-hole in the face of the waterfall!
-The rest you'll just have to look for!

At the motion graphics / design studio I am currently freelancing at my co-workers discovered that the black walls are actually giant chalk-boards... it thoroughly entertained me for a couple days:
I went to the San Diego zoo last week so I'll post those sketches as soon as they're all scanned.

May 20, 2012

"Prance" completed!

Finished at last! Now this puppy is being shipped to Hong Kong for a show in June!
I've also been getting back into landscape painting and whatnot. Here is a quick little painting I did at Gold Creek last Saturday:
And a sketch of the surrounding trees:
I've posted this and a few oldies but goodies on my Tumblr:
I'm planning a trip to the Natural History Museum and the SD Zoo soon so there will be much more to come!

May 10, 2012

Prance Progress

Almost done with this one! Thank god, I'm definitely ready to be done.
In other news, I just joined Tumblr! One more way to network or follow what I'm working on. Check it out!