I am available for freelance illustration, storyboarding, sketch art, and concept art in Print/Advertising/Entertainment companies in the Los Angeles area (in-house) or anywhere across the globe (remotely.) I accept fine-art commissions only as my schedule allows. I do not accept tattoo-design commissions. // jawcooper@gmail.com

February 8, 2012

More Progress on Erode

More. Nearly done with everything.

"Pomp"... I made an organically-shaped matte for this piece and singed the edges. I am pleased with the effect. Now to paint it.

Drawing finished. "Host"

Drawing nearly finished, just need to add the red string. "Whisper"

"Brood" transferred but yet to be painted.

I made a tutorial for transferring a drawing without losing the spirit of the original, which I will post tomorrow! Check back.