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September 28, 2010

Rosemary's Finished

I think I'm finished with this piece, I might go back and put in more graphite details or do a background wash if I don't like how the white looks in the frame.

Here is the progression from drawing to finished painting:

And here are the paints/tools I used... in case someone out there is wondering:

The Winsor & Newton Series 7 #5 brush is expensive, but I do almost ALL of my gouache painting with it because it is so well made and has such a fine, natural tip. Definitely more than worth every penny.

This piece will be on display and for sale at the upcoming Horrorwood show at the WWA Gallery in Culver City, which opens October 15th. See you there!

September 27, 2010

Rosemary's Progress

The transferred drawing. (graphite on Stonehenge paper, mounted on museum board)

The first washes of ink. (Dr. Ph Martin's "Black Star" waterproof ink; matte)

Finished with the ink tones:

I might lay in some more tones with graphite... undecided... either way I'm going to start laying in the color today!

September 19, 2010

Rosemary's Baby

I will have a piece in the upcoming "Horrorwood" show at the WWA Gallery opening October 15th. I chose to do a painting inspired by the classic horror film "Rosemary's Baby." The first time I saw this film I hated it but I came to love it in subsequent viewings and I wanted to capture the creepyness of a Rosemary's blind love for her child.

Here was the initial sketch of Rosemary and her "baby."


I wanted to fill in the space around her in an oval with satan... here was the separate sketch:

Here is a comp of the two sketches put together. I think I'll fade the devil away into feathers or something since the legs read funny when partially obscured. I'm planning on calling this painting "His Father's Eyes.":

Photos from my desk:

Other random sketches from my desk; I particularly like the fighter pilot rabbit-girl:

September 16, 2010

LA Weekly: Minions

Out on newstands today! Here is my piece for this weeks LA Weekly.


From thumbnail to sketch.

From drawing to graphite tones.

I worked a little differently on this one, laying in all the tones in graphite rather than ink and then washing over with gouache and building it up from there. I have to say, I love the control and detail of graphite but the tones are not as smooth as with ink (duh). I think my ideal would be a mix of both.... next time....

As always a giant thank you to art directors Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey!

September 9, 2010

Well hello... ladies.

Just finished this commission, don't want to say who/what it's for just yet:

A very good friend of mine (Fuser Paullada) bought me a year-long subscription to "Suicide Girls." (A site dedicated to beautiful/scandalous photos of tattooed girls.) I've found it to be a fantastic resource, perfect for practicing figure-drawing...

(⇧ From photos of the model "Fatality.")

Reminder: Sweet Streets 2 show at Gallery Nucleus opens this Saturday the 11th.