I am available for freelance illustration, storyboarding, sketch art, and concept art in Print/Advertising/Entertainment companies in the Los Angeles area (in-house) or anywhere across the globe (remotely.) I accept fine-art commissions only as my schedule allows. I do not accept tattoo-design commissions. // jawcooper@gmail.com

October 30, 2014

One of my favorite artists @lonelywithoutyou is generously giving away a piece of art to one lucky follower! Enter now and cross your fingers and toes! #mylan #lonelywithoutyou #giveaway

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Holy camoly! Incredible sculptor and illustrator @jdalva is generously giving away a piece of art to one very lucky follower! Go to her page and ENTER NOW, the raffle ends tomorrow! #jdalva #dalvagiveaway #giveaway

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STOP EVERYTHING! @lonelywithoutyou is having an art giveaway, ENTER NOW! The first piece of art that I ever bought was one of her incredible, funny, and oh so charming paintings and I remain infatuated. #mylan #lonelywithoutyou #giveaway

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The amazing artist @jdalva is doing an art-giveaway! Oh my goodness! Make sure you get in on this today! #jdalva #dalvagiveaway #giveaway

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One of my other absolute favorite artists @lonelywithoutyou is doing an art giveaway ending tomorrow as well! Oh my goodness so many incredible and generous artists! Get in on this quick!!! #mylan #lonelywithoutyou #giveaway

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One of my favorite artists @jdalva is doing a give-away and it ends tomorrow! Don't miss it! #dalvagiveaway

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