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February 29, 2012


First of all, here is an image of my piece for the Laloozapalooza show opening this Friday at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. And it's already sold!

Ink, gouache, graphite, gold on arches
8" x 6" in a 13" x 11" framed

There are still two paintings, two drawings, and two sculptures available through the WWA Gallery from my latest series "Erode". Here they are:

If you are interested in a piece please contact the gallery director: (

To see the whole series including sold work click HERE.


Caerphilly said...

You should write an old timey book...Or make someone write a book for you to illustrate... :D Your drawings would add so much atmosphere.

Amelie. said...

this works a gorgeous. love your style. it reminds me of the wind in the woods on a spring day (this sentence was really kitschy :)

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Caerphilly- I really want to make a little book; I'm looking into self-publishing!

Amelie- Thank you so much, such a lovely sentiment!