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February 11, 2012

DONE with "Erode"!

DONE! Finally done! I dropped everything off at WWA Gallery yesterday and I'm really excited to show you all a few final tidbits.

I made this sculpture and felt pretty good about it- I really like how translucent the very thin petals on the flowers looked after I baked it- and very disappointed with how the spray-primer made the sculpture so much heavier and less-detailed. I painted it anyway to see if I could revive it and am actually quite pleased with the final result. In the future though... I'm gonna figure out a way to keep the flowers translucent.

Here it is fresh from the oven: (pre-paint)

And some details of it painted:

And some final shots of three of the drawings with touches of gouache for highlights:

I used gold acrylic to paint on the thread connecting the girls:

Aaand, there are two more pieces (Pomp and Brooding) that I didn't take any teasers photos of... but come to the show or sign up for the online preview and you can see them there!

ALSO! There will be a free-print give-away through WWA, to qualify just share the link to the event on your facebook page! Go HERE for details!


Danielle Buerli said...

Ummm Cooper! So amazing... putting us all to shame.

Clovis said...

Wish I wasn't on the opposite side of the country.. would love to see this exhibit. Great work.

Tom said...

I'm totally admire your work

mobot said...

whats the sculpture made out off?
looks like porcelain!

Lin said...

These are gorgeous! The sculpture is really beautiful even without the paint on it.

e v a n said...

every time I think I'm catching up to you, there you go jumping even farther ahead!

Nicholas Hong said...

beautiful work!^^

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Buerli- <3<3<3

Clovis- Aw thanks!

Tom- Thank you!

mobot- Baked sculpey sprayed many times with primer then with spray gesso then painted then sprayed with gloss to look shiny and smooth like porcelain!

Lin- I know! I liked it better unpainted too- more delicate details pre-primer.

evan- Thanks buddy!

Nicolas- Thanks so much!