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May 5, 2010

Progress on "Specters"

Great news guys, I've fallen in love again... with oil paints. I covered my acrylic painting "Specters" with a couple layers of clear gesso and have started oil painting on top and it's turning out great. I've pretty much finished the deer and I'm half way through the croc; tomorrow I plan to finish all the animals and the girl and then Friday I'll lay in the background. Sorry these photos are super crappy, my apartment is very dark at night and I can't use flash because the oil is reflective. (I swear it looks much nicer in person.)

The richness of oils is working far better in getting all the albinos to still pop despite the overall high-value/low chroma.


mr arthur said...

might i ask, what is that color swatch thing you have there?

thomas said...


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Ha ha, Thomas.

Mr. Arthur- Good question! Before I paint something thats either very big or very complicated I drag my reference into photoshop and use the color picker to create a page or two of swatches. Then I print them out on high-quality ink-jet paper so the colors match/approximate the ones on screen and dab paint directly onto the swatches as I mix colors to get them just right.

Lesley Vamos said...

Stunning! and great idea with the paint swatches! ^_^