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May 3, 2010

2B or not 2B

Finally some tangible progress... I started and completed these 5 drawings (acrylic and graphite on paper) in two days. Off to the framers! Here are teasers:

"Ruin/Salvage" is my favorite, I really like working more roughly with the graphite. I mostly used a 2B, but some 4B for dark areas, and a B and H for lighter details.

I gotta say, nothing feels as good as getting stuff done. I hope you can tell from looking at these that drawing is my absolute favorite activity. I'm learning to love painting, but drawing is my passion.

I've also decided to finish the "Fade/ Specters" painting in oil... just waiting for the clear gesso to dry.


Danielle B├╝rli said...

you are so amazing. way to be a beast

Sunny said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!:D

Lesley Vamos said...

Lovin the drawings Coop, so beautiful! ^_^

Roxy M said...

Awesome, but I know what you mean, I love drawing way more than painting.

twchrist said...

Fantastic drawings. 4B gets that dark? It's the magic touch you have I believe.