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January 9, 2014

Wolf Skull Pillow- WIP

I am working on this large wolf-skull floor pillow for fun. The foam sculpting and pattern making are done and not I just need to sew and detail it! The fabric I will use is a light grey vinyl. Very excited.

January 4, 2014

Hooked on NHM Sketching

Pentel Brush-Pen sketches from a some recent excursions to the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Natural History Museums.

I would really like to take a couple weeks and tour great Natural History Museums around the US and just draw until my fingers fall off. If you have any suggestions for amazing Natural History Museums or Curio shops to visit please post them below! (Emphasis on NHM's within 1000 miles of Los Angeles, but out-of-the-country suggestions are welcome too!)

January 1, 2014

Holiday Ornaments!

I recently made a batch of holiday ornaments; beetles, bees, various woodland critters, and a boatload of cicadas! Six are for sale (100$ /ea) through Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena. (Update: bee and one cicada sold, another on hold. Two cicadas and a beetle available.) If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact the gallery directly at:

Flower Pepper Gallery

Here are the six ornaments at the gallery:

Process shot, painting and attaching wings: 

A large group shot of all the ornaments I made in this batch:

The bodies are sculpted from sculpey (polymer-based oven-bake clay) and then painted gold and individually detailed with acrylic paint. The wings are frosted acetate with linework on the front and acrylic spot-painted on the back for diffused color. They were sprayed with a combination of matte and gloss varnishes to ensure their integrity and so they can withstand the elements. The notes attached to them are written on limestone paper which is waterproof.

(I left one such ornament in the forests of Big Sur for 6 months and it was still in amazing condition when I re-found it!)

Happy new years everyone!