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January 4, 2014

Hooked on NHM Sketching

Pentel Brush-Pen sketches from a some recent excursions to the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Natural History Museums.

I would really like to take a couple weeks and tour great Natural History Museums around the US and just draw until my fingers fall off. If you have any suggestions for amazing Natural History Museums or Curio shops to visit please post them below! (Emphasis on NHM's within 1000 miles of Los Angeles, but out-of-the-country suggestions are welcome too!)


Illustrative said...

If you ever get a chance, the NHM Smithsonian in DC is my favorite. I could spend everyday in that museum drawing if I could.

Clovis said...

I know its way far from you. But if you are ever in boston go to the harvard museum of natural history. Lots of gorgeous animal reference, but more importantly there is a room with hundreds of glass flowers made by Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka. They look so lifelike it's true brilliance.

a few examples, and remember these are completely made of glass:

Undertoweyes said...

If you're ever in Norcal...The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco has a nice natural history hall. They also have a live albino alligator that is fun to draw (and moves so slowly he might as well be stuffed.) His name is Claude.

But the taxidermy and curio at Paxton Gate is outstanding.