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January 30, 2013

"Rise" In Progress

Very much in-progress, I'd say this one is half-way done now:

(This piece is RESERVED.)

Tomorrow: The cicadas, the background, and her gold collar... and of course lots of touchups and highlights! Stay tuned!

"Rise" will be part of my April 2013 solo show "Laid Bare" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. For more info, to be added to the preview list, or to reserve a piece early, email Matt Kennedy at


BluePrint said...

Wow how long did it take to color?

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Well it's still in-progress. I spent about 8 hours on it yesterday building up initial colors and making hard decisions and today I estimate it will be another 8 hours before it's done. Maybe longer? The Cicadas will have to be painted opaquely so that will be the biggest time-suck.