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January 17, 2013

"Rattle" Finished

"Rattle" is painted, I am pleased with how the gems came out!

"Rattle" will be part of my April 2013 solo show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. For more info, to be added to the preview list, or to reserve a piece early, email Matt Kennedy at info@laluzdejesus.com.


Nate Creekmore said...

I especially like the contrast between the deep black of her hair and the subdued tones you chose for the rest of the piece. Well done.

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Thanks Nate! Yeah I felt like it needed that strong contrast in the hair to pop the orange in the monkey and the purple in the amethysts.

Kristen said...

Her insides look awesome! I love how the gems transition into the ribs. Wonderful colors!

Ollie's INK said...

Inside everyone there is treasure waiting to be discovered, you just got to find the map and key to unlock their chest. I love how you have conveyed this.