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January 23, 2013

"Larva" Completed

This piece "Larva" is about spontaneous generation, also called abiogenesis, which was a theory that some living things can arise suddenly, from inanimate matter and without the need for a living progenitor to give them life. For example- people noticed that maggots would appear on rotting meat seemingly spontaneously. This was of course disproved in the 17th century.

It seems ridiculous now but there was a time when this was widely accepted. I am fascinated by how subjective and dynamic perceptions of "reality" are.

And onwards I go- so many paintings and ideas I want to execute, so little time!

"Larva" will be part of my April 2013 solo show "Laid Bare" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. For more info, to be added to the preview list, or to reserve a piece early, email Matt Kennedy at

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