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October 16, 2012

"Warriors" Sketch Revised

I've been very busy, sketching and painting and planning and panicking. So... the usual.

Here is my "Warriors" sketch with revised wolves. (Click HERE to see original version)

I felt like they needed to be a more overwhelming element and I think I'll probably make them bigger still.... I want the ratio to be 1:2 as far as room on the page. I need to figure out the background still, at the moment I'm thinking of a dark foggy forest.

I'm going to move the wolf/girl fighting element off a bit so just their feet are showing to give the other girl more room to breath.
Some of these wolves will be re-positioned for a more dynamic "wave" effect but I'll probably just do that when I transfer them to the final paper.

Close-up of giant lurking eye:

Close-up of wolf faces:

This painting will be part my solo show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in April 2013. Make sure you get on the preview list if you want to make sure you get a specific piece!

( Email Matt Kennedy at and say that you would like to be put on the preview list for JAW Cooper's show in April 2013)


Esther Morales said...

Your art is f*cking awesome. Can't say it with other words XD

J. A. W. Cooper said...

<3 Thank you!