I am available for freelance illustration, storyboarding, sketch art, and concept art in Print/Advertising/Entertainment companies in the Los Angeles area (in-house) or anywhere across the globe (remotely.) I accept fine-art commissions only as my schedule allows. I do not accept tattoo-design commissions. // jawcooper@gmail.com

October 19, 2012


Finally finished- ink and gouache on mounted Stonehenge.

 Here is a breakdown of the process- starting with thin washes of india ink to build up tone, then moving to a sort of greenish blue because I wanted the lights to be cool, and then building up warmth in the face/lips/etc and in the lion, and finally deepening the shadows with a warm purple-red so the darks would be warm. Last step- details like whiskers and highlights, as well as washes of white over the background elk so they seem ghostly and transparent:

This painting is already RESERVED but there will be many many more available so be sure to email Matt Kennedy at info@laluzdejesus.com and say that you would like to be put on the preview list for JAW Cooper's show in April 2013.

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