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September 16, 2012

Standby Sketches

 Rough starting sketch for a painting to be called "Spoils." I think I'll surround her with gruesome trophies and general opulence but I kind of want a twist to it as well... maybe her legs are being cut and slashed by all the antlers and skulls and stuff surrounding her? Or her sheer dress is soaked with blood at the bottom, like she's being tainted by her own greed? I will have to think on it...

 Babe reclining:

I like the crumpled lady but the horn piercing her was definitely a misstep in direction. I think she will end up being draped over the back of a large wolf or lion or something:
Horse sketched at the airport to stay calm. Flying used to be so fun, what happened? TSA. TSA happened...
Demon horse sketched while on stand-by for 10 hrs at the airport. I was not a happy puppy to say the least...
Below is an abandoned/unfinished sketch of an Elk. I decided to post it so you can see how I built up the shapes in my drawings before committing to details. I always begin drawings with the side of my pencil held obliquely for soft general lines and I don't switch to the point of the pencil until I am completely happy with the structure, flow, and dynamism of the underlying structure:

 I begin a ton of drawings, usually discarding them within a few minutes when I feel that it's just "not working" as I did with this one. This practice saves time and keeps me from laboring over a drawing that is doomed from the beginning. I think it is better to invest your energy in a drawing that you are excited about than to fight a bad composition or flow from the get-go. I probably abandoned this Elk sketch because it felt too static and I was aiming more for "tortured."

I've got a bunch of sketches from my month-long camping trip yet to post as well as a painting demo and a concepting demo which I'll be posting soon!