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November 27, 2011

Recent Sketches

I have a LOT of work due in the next few months and I've been making lists/starting to sketch and coming up with a concept for my new series of 8-12 pieces... "Erode."

"Host" sketch:

Random witch doodle:

Random vampire doodle:

Holiday shopping?

My painting "Famished" for the Subtext Gallery is available! (400$)
My painting "Snuffed Out" for the La Luz De Jesus Gallery 25th Anniversary Show is available! (700$)
My painting "Honey, Suckle" and my drawing "Surrogate" are available for pre-sale now and will be on display on Dec 10th at MondoPOP Gallery. (800$/400$)

My work is featured in the beautiful 2012 Bluecanvas Calendar! (10$)
My work is featured in the recently published "Cute Illustration" book by Monsa Publications. (20$)


Mr Mouw said...

It's always a pleasure for the eyes when I have a halt on your blog = ) Congratulations for your exhibitions and publications !

Adrien said...

Whoooaou! Your sketches are fabulous.
You're a wonderfull drawer so keep on drawing.

friendly adrien

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Mr Mouw- Thanks so much!

Adrien- Thank you!