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August 25, 2011

Sketchbook Scans

Finally scanned these two proper-like. Both will eventually be painted so keep yer eyes peeled!


"Reaper II: Thylacine"

Also, just noticed that I'm at 199 posts and 536 followers. Wow-wee! I'm chuffed as nuts... as they say.


Constantly Constance said...

I keep seeing people draw with the blue and red prior to the pencil. What are you using for that and why? Sorry, my curiosity is killing me.

lauren carney said...

jaw cooper you are an utterly fantastical being,
with the talent to match!
your illos bring me such happiness and joy i feel i could burst.

that is all.

good day x

Jesse Young said...

Love them Coop! You never cease to make my heart-sing with your creations!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Really nice work!

Jason Scheier said...

wonderful work Jessica! It's been very cool getting to sketch with you! All the best~ Jason

Kris said...

Nice ungulate. Your stuff is awesome as always!

Adrien said...

Your art-works are really amazing.
I love the way you draw, paint and sketch... :)
I'll try to follow this blog.

sorry for my poor english.

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Thanks so much guys!

Constance- I like to draw with Carmine Red and True Blue "colorase" brand pencils because they have a creamy consistancy and do not get too dark no matter how hard you press, and are erasable (to a point.)

Lauren- Oh girl, I'm so glad you like them! Thank you!

Jesse- I'm blushing! What praise!

Jeff- Thank you very much!

Jason- Word up buddy! NHM trip soon!

Kris- Life partner 4 lyfe.

Adrien- Your English is great and thank you very much!