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July 24, 2011

Wildlife Waystation

Bout freakin' time I posted these! I was incredibly fortunate enough to be invited to the Wildlife Waystation yet again by artist/teacher Gary Geraths. I've been a number of times in the past and each visit is more magical than the last. The Waystation is a refuge for abandoned and mistreated exotic animals, and though not open to the public they do occasionally allow groups in for educational purposes... or in our case to sketch like fiends.

*And lastly the sketch for "Vulnerability & Prudence" which I never got around to posting:

You can see my drawings from my previous trips to the Waystation HERE and also some mixed in HERE. Also check out my dear friend/fellow artist Jessica Dalva's sketches from that same trip HERE.

The Wildlife Waystation provides such an amazing service both to the community and to the animals in their charge and I strongly urge you to donate or look into volunteering if this is a cause that speaks to you!


dalva said...

sooo nice! the second lion reminds me of scar dancing when they are singing about killing mufasa. right? love!

Gary Geraths said...

Me...Isa' likea' the lunging tiger and well just about everything else you put pencil to paper and imaging. Time for the Double Trouble Jessicas to go back to the Waystation again

Roxy M said...

Omg, the first tiger is my favorite! It's so adorable in that position! :)

J. A. W. Cooper said...

DOUBLE TROUBLE JESSICAS EVERY DAY! Thank you again Gary for inviting us!