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May 19, 2011

You better... ketchup.

Catching up on things:

Here is a commissioned portrait of Stephen Hawking with an albino owl. What a guy! This was one of my first acetate experiments... I fell in love.

"Vulnerability and Prudence" Another acetate experiment, for the "Counterparts" show at the Hibbleton Gallery.

Lastly, a portrait I painted months ago. A gift for a very special man who helped me through a rough period.

My very good friend and insanely talented artist, sculptor, and designer Danielle Buerli is doing her graduate work (in Switzerland) on sketchbooks and I was inspired by our discussion to start a new 11"x14" like I used to keep in the old days. I used to keep INTENSE sketchbooks but stopped after my first year in college because I was putting every waking hour into homework and no longer had much time to just sketch without a practical application. I have a "sketch folder" which was functioning as a highly-edited sketchbook... but... I'm excited to have a real bound book again.

I'll put up the first couple pages tomorrow!


Danielle Buerli said...

Awww... I am so excited to see your sketchbooks! I sure they will be amazing and even more intense than ever before.

J. A. W. Cooper said...