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March 29, 2011

Night Owls

As you may have read on fellow LA Weekly illustrator Julian Callos's blog, our monthly visual column will no longer run due to to the paper's reformatting. It's been a wonderful experience working with AD Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey and though the column was canceled I will continue to work on editorial and cover assignments for the Weekly. My last piece for the column is titled "Night Owls" and caricatures the LA clubbing scene. I used watercolors and graphite instead of my usual gouache and was quite pleased with how smoothly the colors went down.

"Night Owls"

The initial sketch for my "Reaper" painting for the Inle show at G1988...


Photos with color:


Romina said...

YEEESSSSSSS WATERCOLORSS<come to the waterrr side! love them coop!

Christina Conway said...

Beautiful work, of course! Great to see the notes and reworking, especially love the owl descriptions on the sketch.

Umbralust said...

A lot of these owls look familiar... great job giving them all personality! I like the movement in the composition of the sketch a LOT, and the upskirt rabbit is great. But, the girl's lower hand looks like it could be somebody else's because it's a bit large. Can't wait to see if finished!

doro said...

Ohhh!So pure --- delicious!
I admire, as always.