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March 28, 2011

More Gouache Landscapes

Check out Evan Cummiskey's blog to see more amazing gouache landscapes!

Can you spot my shep-shep lurking on the hill?

Fuck Huntington Gardens and their bizarre rule that anyone who wants to paint there has to pay an exorbitant fee to join their "guild."

As always, a giant thank you to Andrew Hem for all his guidance!


Roxy M said...

Your imagination painting is so cute! Everything looks awesome! :D

Sarah "Sae" Soh said...

Always beautifully and delicately done :)

Amazing stuff!!

Sam Wolfe Connelly said...

holy cow these are soooo beautiful

Jesse Young said...

Hi Cooper!

I wanted to write and say that I love your honesty and boldness! My boyfriend and I discussed going to places in LA to sketch and hang-out, like Huntington Gardens, but it sad to find out that places like that want to GATE-KEEP and stifle creativity by only allowing the rich to be inspired by the environment there. Ticky-tacky fuckin' boxes, right? SAD. :^(

Power to you lady! I love your gouache landscapes, SO awesome!

Best, Jesse

Giselle said...

these are amazing! and huntington gardens should go suck a fuck.

Libby Parra said...

beautiful and inspirational as always

e v a n said...

shout outs

Biddy said...

Gorgeous work as always!!