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March 28, 2011

More Gouache Landscapes

Check out Evan Cummiskey's blog to see more amazing gouache landscapes!

Can you spot my shep-shep lurking on the hill?

As always, a giant thank you to Andrew Hem for all his guidance!


Roxy M said...

Your imagination painting is so cute! Everything looks awesome! :D

Sarah "Sae" Soh said...

Always beautifully and delicately done :)

Amazing stuff!!

Sam Wolfe Connelly said...

holy cow these are soooo beautiful

Jesse Young said...

Hi Cooper!

I wanted to write and say that I love your honesty and boldness! My boyfriend and I discussed going to places in LA to sketch and hang-out, like Huntington Gardens, but it sad to find out that places like that want to GATE-KEEP and stifle creativity by only allowing the rich to be inspired by the environment there. Ticky-tacky fuckin' boxes, right? SAD. :^(

Power to you lady! I love your gouache landscapes, SO awesome!

Best, Jesse

Giselle said...

these are amazing! and huntington gardens should go suck a fuck.

Libby Parra said...

beautiful and inspirational as always

e v a n said...

shout outs

Biddy said...

Gorgeous work as always!!