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December 6, 2010

Forgotten Creatures + Interview!

The amazing concept artist Cecil Kim is curating another show at the Liliya China Bistro! "Forgotten Creatures" will open this Saturday, December 11 from 6:00pm - 11:00pm. I will have a piece in the show as will a number of my very very talented friends. Come eat some delicious food, see some amazing artwork, and meet some wonderful people!

Liliya China Bistro
108 W 2nd Street 102
Los Angeles, CA

Here are some teasers of my piece: "Feral."


This piece has sentimental value for me as I made it to commemorate my sister's bravery during a recent loss.

Lastly, here is a link to the interview I did for the lovely and talented Kat Cameron:

JAW Cooper Interview

Included in the interview is this photo of my workspace... with annotations...

I hope you enjoy it!

OH! One last thing; Gallery 1988 SF is closing this month and are having a sale of a lot of the artwork in their possession including a number of my pieces from the Paper Pushers show last year. If you're looking for an original on a budget, this is a great opportunity!

Here is the link: G1988SF: JAW Cooper

I also have one piece still available at Gallery Nucleus: GNucleus: JAW Cooper

And a couple left at La Luz: La Luz: JAW Cooper

Christmas presents for your beloved Auntie Grumble and Uncle Badbreath perhaps?


Sunny said...

just saw your piece in Liliya, very lovely!:)

and enjoyed reading your interview. Keep up the amazing work!:)

A. Grey said...

I ADORE feral. ADORE. It's a beautiful piece, with a beautiful story behind it.

Sienne said...

Wow, what a creative space! Thank you for all your inspiring work and words.

Kat said...

Thanks for answering all my questions, lots of fun reading them :D

p.s lovely new work

mylan said...

i wish i was here wit you eating a pie off the floor <3