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October 28, 2010

Botox Banshee

In this weeks LA Weekly in the "LA Life" section!

"Botox Banshee"

Photos of the painting:

Sketch and drawing:


First batch of thumbnails, not based on Los Angeles:

And once again, a giant thank you to art directors Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey!


Angel said...

so cool, i like the mushrooms!

Rory said...

Love the piece! And thanks for showing the thumbnail process, fascinating.

twchrist said...

Nice concepts seen in sketches.

Roxy M said...


EMi. said...

So Grotesque (I mean that as a compliment!) and beautiful at the same time, I'm in love! ...Now I need to get myself a copy of LA Weekly!



Lesley Vamos said...

Fabulous Coop! Love the look of longing on her face!

cuarta said...


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