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September 16, 2010

LA Weekly: Minions

Out on newstands today! Here is my piece for this weeks LA Weekly.


From thumbnail to sketch.

From drawing to graphite tones.

I worked a little differently on this one, laying in all the tones in graphite rather than ink and then washing over with gouache and building it up from there. I have to say, I love the control and detail of graphite but the tones are not as smooth as with ink (duh). I think my ideal would be a mix of both.... next time....

As always a giant thank you to art directors Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey!


Roxy M said...

Pretty pretty preeety! Your dog is soo cute!

Anthony Young said...

Nice! I love the that you post thumbnails and the work in progress :)

nati said...

Awww, I love 'Minions'!!!! Absolutely amazing!

Baby C said...

I love this blog.. enter here everyday you are such an artist, very impresive and beautiful.. waiting for next entry :D!!

Best wishes from Spain ;)

Porsche S. DeadEyes. -_- said...

SIGH So amazing, I love how the two blogs I look at, you and sunny gu, you guys were like in the photo, in makes the world a nice and cosy place!!! :D

Sunny said...

I like the final version of Minions.and i have to say that your linework is so beautiful and clean, all those refined drawings are artworks by themselves.:)

p.s.such an honor to be in the same show as you~!your "beautiful freaks" piece looks gorgeous in person!♡