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June 18, 2010

Downtown Dogs

Here is my piece "Downtown Dogs," featured in this weeks LA Weekly on page 10. I live downtown and love observing the thriving dog-culture through my window; so many beautiful, exotic, canines. I was going for a Jules Chéret/ Toulouse-Lautrec poster-art look (gouache, graphite and digital).




As always, a big "thank you" to art directors Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey!

Lastly, my "Tarnished" show at La Luz De Jesus will be up till the end of the month. See it online HERE! Thank you so much to everybody who came out to the opening and who purchased pieces, your support means the world to me! (There are still pieces to buy; please contact me or the gallery if you are interested in anything!)


Greig Rapson said...

beautiful work! love seeing some of the process.

SKIZO said...



Louise Smythe said...

wow1 your work is wonderful! those great danes are my favorite :)

MA Mansur said...

nice i really like the colors.

Lesley Vamos said...

Oh man cooper I frickin love this!! It all works so well together ^_^
and I agree with Greig - great to see your process!

The Design Bodega said...

sooooooooooo goood.

love your LA weekly work.

Natali (Koromoto) Martinez said...

everything is way too wonderful