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April 14, 2010

Working, freaking out, the usual...

"Blind" and "Blot" are both done, here are teasers! Both are india ink and gouache on mounted Stonehenge.

This is the second version of "Blind" I've painted because my chinchilla chewed on the first version. Curses.

These will be for sale at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in the upcoming June show. Close friend and amazingly talented Jessica Dalva will be one of the other artists featured, check out her work here!

I've pretty much finalized the sketch for "Hunt" using the computer to comp sketches together. The background was sketched on a hike up Arroyo Hondo:

This is the composition I came up with for the characters, I think I want to put one more girl in either the foreground in shadow, or in front of the boar being tossed aside:

And here it is all together:

I'm was leaning toward trying to paint this in gouache, buuut the size (10"x20") could be a serious limitation so I might be better off with acrylic. I'm fast running out of time and mildly freaking out... I had so many epic plans and now I'm having to prioritize. My goal is to have all of the paintings for this show done by the end of the month so I can spend the two weeks in May just getting the frames squared away and working on the new bear rug and whatnot.


Lesley Vamos said...

So awesome Cooper - I can't wait to see the bottom one when its painted! ^_^

Heather Sybil Chavez said...

I love seeing your thought proses and your amazing instinct for beautiful design

mr arthur said...

what did you use to paint blind and blot? did you outline with pencil? looks awesome btw.

Roxy M said...

Title of the entry = in the same boat! :D

PunkRockRunner said...

So busy but still able to create one amazing piece after another.

Well done,


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Thanks guys! Mr. Arthur, these are both india ink and gouache on mounted Stonehenge paper, with colorase pencil linework.