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April 19, 2010

Tarnished Tigers

These are some sketches for medium/large paintings for the upcoming June La Luz show and a small one for the upcoming Roq la Rue "Tiger" show. I think they will be acrylic on mounted paper/ acrylic on wood.

This is the sketch for "Copy Cat." I can either paint it 9"x12" for the Roq la Rue show, or ~ 20"x24" for the La Luz show. I blew up the sketch at Kinkos and it looks so good big, but that would mean making a new sketch for Roq. Also, I can't decide which orientation looks best and would love any feedback you guys can give me (see image below). I'm leaning toward the first one because it feels really balanced with the tiger right-way-up, or the second one because it feels really dynamic to have to weight of the tiger hovering over the delicate girl and flowers. What do you guys think?

"Copy Cat" (Bigger image...)

"Orbit" -this'll be about 20"x30" (The hare in the bottom left corner is by far the best part.)

"Ruin" -will also be about 20"x30" (Obviously a rough sketch, that's a floating island with foliage in the background.)

I have a couple more sketches in the works I'm excited about which I'll post soon. Sigh, I love drawing so much, I wish I could just have a show with sketches but alas people just aren't willing to pay much for that kind o' thing.

ALSO! This Saturday the 24th I'll have work up at "Post Penumbra," a show put on by The Upper Six Hundreds. The opening will be from 7pm-midnight and there will be lots of entertaining things going on for the whole duration. The address will be: 1000 S. Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015. 5$ at the door. See you there!


Romina said...

I really like the first one too, it looks more evenly and nicely put together, these are all so beautiful can't wait to see them painted :)

dalva said...

i like the first one and the last one, but i think you could tweak something, not sure what, with some of the angles of the tiger's body- to look more twisty? they could be more looking at each other? its nice though that you can kind of choose how its oriented- any way looks good! also i <3 the "ruin" one!

Lesley Vamos said...

The detail in these are exquisite Cooper! I like them all ^_^

Rin said...

For "copy cat" i like the first and last =) the first one looks like the composition you would expect from this piece, so it works well in that right. The last one has a LOT of nice things working for it in the upper left/middle section, which is less noticeable when they're upside down (this one is my favourite).

the only thing that i might consider changing (which might also help your composition problem too) is the angle of the tigers back. it mirrors the corner of the page too much and forces him to look a little trapped. Make him a little less hunched and i think your good =) (however he does work how he is now, so this is just a minor suggestion)

All the sketches so far are gorgeous, i cant wait to see them painted!

pbrigitte said...

It's so beautiful, I can't wait to see it finished! I think the first one looks the best, it's dynamic without being too difficult to follow, if that makes sense :3

Roxy M said...

I like the first one the best, it does feel the most balanced!

Sunny said...

these sketches are beautiful!:D

I like the first comp, feel like if there is more negative space between the tiger and lady will make the movement more lively.:)

Quid Squid said...

the legs on the girl seem awkward, especially proportion-wise. too long and look like they are misaligned.

i really like the last sketch with the hair flowing off the landscape.

J. A. W. Cooper said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

I think I'll go with the first comp then, but curve the tiger's back more so he's more twisty and less trapped, and change the girl's legs so they look more natural.

Thank you again everyone, this is like my lifeline to the outside world right now!