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March 31, 2010

Tangled and Shattered

More sketches for the "Tarnished" series:

"Shattered" - I might take out the nest... or maybe make it bigger? I'm undecided.

"Tangled" - Her skin is going to be patterned like wood grain, and I might add some birds caught in her hair.

I think there will be 1-3 more "tarnished dolls" in this series-within-a-series.

Be sure to check out my newest illustration for LA Weekly, out this week! Here is a preview:


Roxy M said...

Pretty from what I can tell

Umbralust said...

Shattered reminds me of broken pottery. What about carrying the cracks through into the eggs in the nest? Speaking of the nest, it seems like it's not really interacting with the girl, like it just fell on top of her arms. Maybe if you moved the thumb on the far hand over the lip of the nest, so that she was holding the nest more firmly..? Also, I think it'd be nice if the nest was slightly bigger, the space in between her near hand and the edge of the nest is a bit awkward. I think it's because the space from her biggest to second biggest sets of knuckles is about the same size. I'd also say not to let the cracks on her skin get too thick, because they start to look like trees. Anyway, I'm sure you've already thought of most of this, these all look AWESOME, as usual.

Quid Squid said...

for Shattered I would find a way to do the tree branches in her skin differently. Right now they look like veins which starts making her look kinda zombie-ish (especially the ones on the face which bring to mind the recent "the Crazies" film where they had crazy veins on their face). Don't think that's what you're going for at least. I know this is a sketch and the colors could make it look differently, but that would be my only concern.

Yolanda Robinson said...

I'm already fascinated with "Tangled"... especially the woodgrain idea- please let me know if the final painting becomes available!

J. A. W. Cooper said...

RM- Thanks!

UL- Yes! I totally need to make the nest bigger and more centered, and I think I'll make the thickness of her skin/porcelain thinner so you can see the edge of it to help define the larger cracks so they don't look like trees.

QS- Oh yeah, they're supposed to be cracks not tree branches so I definitely need to fix that and make it more clear. I don't want her to look like a zombi either! The blue flowers are supposed to be like the decorations on fine antique china.

YR- Sweet! Keep checking back, it'll be done soon... though it won't be available for sale until my show in June at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. (If you really liked it and wanted to reserve it that would probably be possible, just let me know.)

Thanks guys, your advise was super SUPER helpful! I'll post the revised drawing soon!

kale-rex said...

inked = SEKSY!

also i wuv dat tangled. niceeeee.

Giselle said...

tangles makes me think of a lovely bowl of noodles. =)

good associations.