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March 4, 2010

LA Weekly Cover!

I did the cover illustration for the latest issue of LA Weekly, and I'm super excited! The story was about the health effects of children who live in high rises near the freeway.

The illustration also appears on page 15 with the story.

Final illustration: (colorase, gouache and ink wash on Stonehenge paper mounted on museum board for integrity)

Final drawing:

Preliminary thumnails:

Pre-preliminary thumbnails:

Original thumbnails: (On the theme of "the big bad wolf." Building next to a freeway is like building next to a beast... you sow the seeds of your own destruction. I really liked these but the concept was too abstract.)

Aaaand here it is in print! (Sorry for the poor quality photos.)

The cover:

With original painting:

Inside story:

Check out Julian Callos's AMAZING illustration/visual column on page 10 of the same issue. Here is the LINK!

Thank you to Daniel Lim for hooking me up with the LA Weekly team, and to Jason Jones and Darrick Rainey of LA Weekly for their great direction.


twchrist said...

great job! i'm thrilled that you made it to the cover! your original sketches are beast!

Thea Schultheiss said...

That is insane! Love it.

Well done on the job... you ROCKED the cover!

Romina said...

YEAH!cooper this is sweet I loved how you drew the little girl, I wanna grab her and tell her dont worry no more freeway for you.She's so cute!Im trying to remember, but I think this is the first time i seen you paint a child,very very cute.

dalva said...

wow, go coop! it looks amazing, way to be a big time cover artist!! and i second romina's comment, ive never seen you draw kids, but i like it!

mylan said...

yay!!!! beautiful as usual!!! i lov u coop u inspire me :)

allie said...

dude, I saw this issue when I was getting coffee this morning and was like, "what the..?!!?" it looks amazing! CONGRATS!!!!

Danielle B├╝rli said...

oh man cooper you fucking are so awsome!

Sunny said...


the cover looks BEAUTIFUL!:D

Eytan Zana said...


alicia papanek said...

coverr! yeah coop!

fakeplasticlaura said...

i was recently in l.a. this weekend to attend the group show at la luz (you and i are both in it)

while in l.a. i picked up the recent l.a. weekly to see what was going on while i was in town and thought - what a great cover

i saw and loved your work at the show and decided to look you up here, and am excited to see that it was you who did the cover for l.a. weekly.

great work! i will be following your blog!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Great blog. Your work is stunning.
I'm putting you on my blogroll so that I can visit often.