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August 23, 2009

Leyendecker studies, misc sketching, and more Bear Rug

Leyendecker is one of my favorite painters. If for some reason you are not familiar with his work, look it up and fall in love.

...misc animal sketches...

This sketch is for a paneled painting I'm planning. I'm thinking of making each panel 1'x3' so all put together it would be 5'x3'. It's called "The Bird."

Progress on the newest bear rug... I haven't decided what to call him yet. Bernard? Bearnard?

Foam fitting:

Drawing the pattern out on the faux fur:

The faux fur with the pieces removed:

These are the patterns I made for the previous bear rug, Randal:

Here is the side piece pinned on the foam form to check the fit:

I made about 75 more promo packages and sent them out. Thank you to everyone who emailed me, thanking me for these packages! I love hearing from you!


Yeon Whan Yoon said...


did you sculpt the head of the bear??
or was it like a model head that one could purchase at a store??

sae soh said...

awesome bear rug so far
love the colors :)

also.. im seriously digging the sketch of the lady with the hat (side view one). dont know why.. its just awesome :)

jawcooper said...

The bear head is a foam taxidermy form which you can buy at any taxidermy supply store, I recommend Van Dykes Taxidermy online. (Make sure to select one with a jawset installed if you want the teeth and tongue as well.)

The lady with the hat is a study of a J.C. Leyendecker painting... he's amaaaaaazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
I love your new work and am excited to hear what you're doing since graduation. I would love your mess up to hang up in the room here at DP if you still have it. It's beautiful.
Enjoy your day!
KEvin Gleason